Specialist Technology

We pride ourselves on using leading-edge technology where required for plumbing and drainage solutions, not because its new but because it saves you - the customer - time, money and inconvenience.

In many domestic or non "greenfields" industrial sites, traditional open-cut excavation can be a slow, difficult and messy operation, often requiring digging through lawns, gardens or paving.

By making the most of the technology available to us we can can minimise or completely remove the need for digging (hence the term 'no-dig technology'), which allows us to get the job done as quickly as possible with the minimum disruption to our customers.

Underground Pipe Repair
Our no-dig pipe repair system enables us to repair underground drainage and plumbing problems without costly and messy excavation work. It works by inserting and then inflating a hardened epoxy-strengthened lining inside your pipes, solving cracked or broken drains with the minimum of difficulty.

The lining is installed completely underground, which means we don't have to make a mess of your prized garden or patio! Perhaps more importantly, excavation is highly expensive, typically costing serveral hundred pounds per metre for typical depth pipes.

Pipe-in-pipe, as the name suggests, involves placing a modern expandable pipe into an old corroded or damaged pipe system. In addition to being a far more cost-effective solution than excavation and replacement it has a very high life-exepectancy, often superior to the standard UPC piping that it replaces!

CCTV Pipe Inspection
Our state-of-the-art CCTV survey and inspection system allows us to carry out detailed examination of difficult sewerage or drainage issues without costly pipe trenching and excavation. Our specialist camera equipment is capable of accessing pipes ranging from 20mm to 600mm in diameter.

Once the CCTV pipe examination is complete we provide a piping diagram and video pipe report - which can be supplied in DVD or VHS format as required - that details any collapsed pipes, tree roots or drain blockages that require attention. We can provide recommendations for remedial action to address these problems and a no-obligation quotation to carry out the work.

These reports and video footage evidence are often essential for insurance documentation or for planning remedial works.

Hydro-Jetting / high-pressure jetting
Over time, water and drainage pipes can accumulate masses of scale, deposits and grime that can make pipes almost unusable and dramatically reduce your water pressure.

We use an ultra high-pressure water jet to completely remove internal deposits from pipes, restoring pipe pressure to normal.

Jetting can also be used for a range of plumbing, drainage and cutting applications, including sewer cleaning, pipe cleaning, industrial cleaning and abrasive scale and root cutting.

Professional plumbing hydro-jetting equipment is very different to the domestic jetting units available to the public. Our ultra-high-pressure water jetting is usable at long distances underground and is up to 100 times the pressure of domestic cleaning devices. At higher settings it is quite capable of cutting through tree-roots, concrete or other hard materials and consequently this type of equipment is only available to trained and certified tradespeople.