Pre & Post Construction Surveys

It is often necessary to carry out a pre-construction condition survey on drains, sewers and pipes prior to commencing a construction project, in order to identify potential faults and items of distress. The purpose of this survey is give an overall assessment of the state of the drains, sewers or pipes in and around the site that may be affected by the upcoming construction activities, particularly when such activities may cause various levels of vibration.

The findings for such a survey are compiled into a report that includes a statement of purpose for the report, any architectural or structural drawings that have been reviewed, a list of items that have been observed and details of any which have shown signs of damage or distress. If required we also provide details of remedial work required to address any faults and a no-obligation quote for the completion of proposed repairs. Reports are supplemented with photo and video evidence where relevant.

A post-construction survey can be carried out following the completion of construction work to establish if any new faults or items of distress have arisen as a consequence of the construction activities.

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